Online Reviews

PissedCustomer.Com – A good place to Read or post complaints of any company (with photos).  Very interesting.

RipOffReport.Com – This site is where you can voice an opinion about a business.

Better Business Bureau – The old tried and true way to evaluate a company and submit a complaint & receive a response.

InternetReputation.Com – A reputable company that can improve a person or business’s online presence and remove negative feedback.




General sites

RockAuto.Com – High end, name brand auto parts at warehouse prices –  Quality parts, 30 day return policy

CE Auto Electric Supply – High strand/amp cabling, Battery cable kits, Big 3 upgrade kits, Car Audio kits, Relay wiring kits, specialty wire crimping tools, etc.

DigiKey Electronics – Shop quality electrical components, connectors, wires, leds, crimpers, etc.

SuperBrightLeds.Com – A great site to convert your car lighting system to energey efficient LEDs.  They have anytime of bulb for Auto or Home.

CoverKing – High quality dash mats with embroidered logos


Parts and Forums

PartRequest.Com – The Internet’s Leading Used Auto Parts Locator Service.   Similar to the parts locator that salvage yards use. – Premier corvette salvage yard with new and used parts.

C5 Forum – Read solutions to common problems & post your own issue.

CorvetteForum.Com – How-To’s, Gallery & Forum

Lingenfelter Performance – GM, Camero, Corvette performance packages

Hawks Motor Sports – GM & Ford performance upgrades



VPN Service – Surf the internet securely & privately.  Rated with 4.8 of 5 stars.

Internet Speed Test –  A speed tester I have found to be accurate.

WhatIsMyIP.Com – List your public internet IP Address

Free Faxing Online – Tested & verified free service



Weather in motion – See radar maps in motion,
just enter your zip code, later click on “Weather in motion”



Nerd Wallet – Quickly determine the perfect credit card (Rewards, Cash back, Travel,
Low Interest, Balance Transfer, Building Credit).  Read honest reviews.

DocuSign.Com – If you typically mail or fax documents that require a signature you will find it super convenient using an electronic signature instead !


Photography & Video

PIXLR Editor – A great ‘free’ online photo editor with some
photo shop features such as Clone Stamping & Spot Healing. – Have fun making your photos funny, crazy background
images and drop-in’s. – A great place to find amazing hi-res photos from
around the world.


TV & Movies – Great site for original Netflix movies as well as TV Shows.

TV.COM – TV Listings & Information about every show that’s popular !
Click on Listings for show times. – Figure out what HD TV channels are broadcasting in your area?

FCC Digital TV Map – See real-time maps showing TV Tower locations.