In Memory Of Joe H Archuleta

Happier Times - 1949

This page is in honor of my late grandfather Joe H Archuleta of Fayetteville, NC.  He was a firm believer in god, a loving husband, dedicated father, caring grandfather, patriotic soldier, mentor, and successful business owner.  When looking back, I remember him as a unique man who frequently put the needs of others ahead of his own.  Knowing him was loving him because of his caring, trusting and supportive nature.  He was the kind of guy that if he saw you in trouble and trying to do the right thing, he would lend a helping hand.  If you made a mistake he would try to teach you a valuable lesson and help you grow from the experience.

Over the years he improved the lives of so many people even if they took his kindness for granted.  He enjoyed helping others help themselves by explaining and showing you the way.  I believe it brought him great happiness to be a part of their success.  And even though he was retired in the years I knew him, he wasn’t the kind of guy that just sat around doing nothing.  He was a wheeler and dealer at heart and started his own business.  Some of you may have heard of Archie’s Thrift Shop which was centrally located off Raeford Road in Fayetteville.  He worked hard and helped many young families get on their feet with quality furniture, appliances & service.  He sincerely enjoyed providing for his family and making our lives better.  I could tell he enjoyed working with us and teaching us how to run the business as well as little tricks of the trade.  If you wanted to learn he would take a special interest in showing you.

He loved the outdoors and I can remember our fishing trips all around the area.  Sometimes we would go to the dam at Hope Mills lake and a few times even we even fished off the pier at Carolina beach.  Sometimes on the weekends we would take family trips to visit places like the battleship in Wilmington and have a nice seafood dinner.  Once when I was very young we all went to Disney World at a time when The Wizard of Oz was popular.  Another time we even did some fishing on the canal in Clear Water Florida.  I can never forget these trips.

As a lover of baseball and boxing it was a safe bet you would catch him watching a good game on the weekend.  He was an Atlanta Braves fan who rooted for Rafael Ramirez during his hay-day.  When it came to boxing he would get excited and start hollering at a knock out.  These were the days when Wilfred Benítez & Sugar Ray Leonard were in their prime.   How I wish he could have watched one of the big games on a new 70″ flat screens that we all take for granted now !

In closing, I am saddened that he never had the opportunity to see me grow up into the person I am today.  How I wish I could give some of the love back for all the sacrifice he made for me.  I would love to take him and my grandmother out for dinner and treat them special for a change.  His memory still lives on through my grandmother who has told us many stories during the happy times they shared together.  She has some of the most vivid memories and amazing stories.  I really just wanted to say thank you for being there for me during the good and the bad and I hope to see you again someday.

Love always




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